An estimated 1500 tons of soil contaminated with creosote in Verdun Quebec . What is Creosote and what you need to be aware of when running or walking your pets in that area.

April 22/14 Caylah E. McCoy

The mayor says he only found out about it recently and none of the residents are aware.

An estimated 1500 tons of soil contaminated with creosote was dumped on the Verdun waterfront, in the park across from the Douglas Hospital and Public pool the Natatorium.

“I don’t feel safe about this, if there’s something wrong with the soil don’t put it where there is a lot of circulation like on a bike path close to the St Laurence and then do not tell people about it. A man walking his dog in the park told  even tell us about it.

A woman running said, “We walk here every morning, this is not something we want, but I didn’t know about it.”

“This is awful, they’re not thinking about our kids, our animals that go up the pile and sniff it” another one added.

The soil was excavated from a LaSalle Boulevard reconstruction site last fall.

What you need to be aware of and “WHAT IS CREOSOTE”: WIKIPEDIA

Creosote is the portion of chemical products obtained by the distillation of a tar that remains heavier than water, notably useful for its anti-septic and preservative properties.[1] It is produced in some quantities from the burning of wood and coal in blast furnaces and fireplaces; commonly found inside chimney flues when the wood or coal burns incompletely, producing soot and tarry smoke, and is the compound responsible for the preservation and the flavor of meat in the process of smoking. The name is derived from the Greek kréas (κρέας), meaning “meat”, and sōtēr (σωτήρ), meaning “preserver”.[2]

The two main types in industrial production are wood-tar creosote and coal-tar creosote. The coal-tar variety, having stronger and more toxic properties, has chiefly been used as a preservative for wood, while the wood-tar variety has been used for meat preservation, wood treatment, and for medicinal purposes as an expectorant, anti-septic, astringent, anaesthetic and laxative, though these have mostly been replaced by newer medicines. Coal-tar creosote had also, in the past, been used as an escharotic to burn malignant skin tissue and in dentistry to prevent necrosis but no longer is used that way because of its toxic, carcinogenic properties and because better and safer treatments are now available. Varieties of creosote have also been made from both petroleum and oil shale called oil-tar creosote, when derived from the oil tar, and water-gas-tar creosote when derived from the water gas tar. Creosote also has been made from pre-coal formations such as lignite, yielding lignite-tar creosote and peat, yielding peat-tar creosote.

Creosotes are commercially valuable and, therefore, are produced industrially on a large scale, either for direct use or as raw material for the production or extraction of various chemicals. There are several other names for such fluids, but most are not trustworthy, being regional, applying to only some variants, or to other fluids as well. For example, the term pitch oil can refer to either creosote-like fluids or kerosene.

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April14th, 2014 on Health Perspectives: If you think you are well go visit your family. Putting the “Fun” Back in “Dysfunctional”: Tips for surviving the holidays

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8 characteristics of a dysfunctional family is defined as anything that keeps you in bondage for more than 6 weeks without any changes that lead into decades and generations of the same behaviours.

Author; Steven Moneyworth, Yahoo Contributor Network
May 12, 2009

 #1 – Addiction.  

One of the most prominent characteristics of a dysfunctional family is addiction on the part of one or more of its member.  Addictions being referred here are substances and emotional states including; chronic drama, victimization, self pity. This addiction need not be to drugs or alcohol, but it typically manifests itself by making it difficult for family members to communicate, and may affect the family financially. Typically addiction is a problem suffered by the adults in the family, though adult children and teenagers may suffer from addictions in various forms.

 #2 – Control

Another hallmark characteristic of dysfunctional families is control. Control means that one member of the family exerts his or her will on some or all of the other family members. This may manifest itself, for example, as a husband not permitting his wife to see male friends, or as a parent not allowing their child to go to reasonable school events, such as football games and dances. Control usually occurs from spouse to spouse or from parent to child in a dysfunctional family. This control usually results in emotional “stunting” and may make people feel as if they are not entitled to an opinion or to a life of their own. Control may be overt, or it may be in the form of causing people to feel guilty for wanting to “step outside the box.”

#3 – Unpredictability and Fear

Unpredictability and fear are two common signs of a dysfunctional family. Typically, fear results from the unpredictability of a single or multiple members. This may be unpredictability with regard to financial matters, emotional state, or reactions to novel situations. This affects a family by making its members fearful of the actions of a single or multiple members. Typically an adult plays this role, and may be a spouse or parent.

#4 – Conflict

A more obvious indicator of a dysfunctional family is conflict. While a certain amount of conflict is expected in a normal family, constant, heated conflict is not. If a serious argument erupts over slight misunderstandings on a frequent and unyielding basis, there is a good chance that there is a certain level of disfunction within the family. Likewise, undertones of conflict and resentment can also be an indicator of a dysfunctional family. The conflict may also take place in passive-aggressive terms. Conflict may occur between any member of a family, and affects the family by increasing tension and resentment among its members.

#5 – Abuse

Abuse, whether physical or emotional, is another characteristic of a dysfunctional family. The way in which abuse affects a family is obvious, as it punishes and diminishes a single or multiple family members. Abuse typically occurs from one spouse to the other, or from a parent to a child. Sometimes children also abuse each other, whether through physical or emotional means.

 #6 – Perfectionism

Although it may not seem to be a characteristic of a dysfunctional family, perfectionism very much is one. Perfectionism can be a reflection of unrealistic expectations towards other family members, and may also be an indicator of the areas in which the perfectionist family member feels that he or she is inadequate. Perfectionism may result in low self-esteem in other family members, and may be self-perpetuating. Typically, perfectionism occurs in parents towards their offspring

 #7 – Poor Communication

Poor communication is another hallmark of a dysfunctional family. Communication may be strained, ineffective, or nonexistent. Family members may have difficulty communicating their wants and needs to other members, which can result in misunderstandings and little self-expression. Poor communication often occurs throughout the entire dysfunctional family.

#8 – Lack of Diversity

A lack of diversity in a family is a sign that a family may be dysfunctional. Diversity, in this instance, refers primarily to differences in interests and beliefs between family members. If all of the family members share the same interests and beliefs, there is a high probability that one member of the family is acting to control and manipulate the others. An example of this would be several children from a family that all have the same interests and aspirations as one of their parents. A lack of diversity usually occurs in families where there are children, though some people may be emotionally quashed in romantic relationshipsto the point where they adopt all of the interests of their partner.

Do you feel that I have missed any common characteristics of a dysfunctional family? Do you have relevant personal experiences with respect to the structure and characteristics of a dysfunctional family? If so, leave your thoughts in the form of a comment. Thank you for reading!

Are you in denial?  Is your life unmanageable when you visit family? Fed up about being fed up? Admitting powerlessness is half the battle to changing your relationships. Einstein said “you cannot solve a problem on the same level it was created”.  Find out why this step as easy and rewarding as it is, is the road less travelled! Tune in

April 7th, 2014 on Health Perspectives: Why some people don’t heal PLUS Regular Consumption Of Diet Drinks Linked To Heart Problems In Women . Tune in!

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Your thoughts code a high percentage of your genetic DNA.  Your biology becomes your biography, clinging to your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual wounds stalls your immune and nervous system which becomes the reason you don’t heal.  People addicted to their wounds tend to use them in a negative way that prevents them from healing sometimes without knowing it. Are you using your wounds not to heal instead of using your therapeutic power to heal? How do you invest in your past? Trying to keep the past current is like trying to keep a corpse alive because the past is over. Are you in a relationship with a person addicted to their wounds and uses them to socially control you?

SOLUTIONS if you feel you are fluent in your own victimisation to finance your wounds is like;

If you get $100 dollars worth of energy per day and take out $105 dollars worth of judgment you are going to go into physical and spiritual debt.  Clinging to your wounds becomes the reason you do not heal. Cell tissues thrive but going into negative thoughts your body is going to start showing the signs of stress, lack of energy and energy to do the things you love because your are seriously losing power.

-It’s important to start talking to people without leading with your wound history.

-The way you call you spirit back is through acts of forgiveness. Your heart is keeping a tally of what was done to you, and from your hearts point of view you are the only one who has been hurt and that you have never hurt anyone.  The reality is that there are probably just as many people in a workshop trying to get over knowing you!

-You can say someone “I hear you but I feel you are manipulating me with your story”. l can help someone move forward by setting time limit they can talk about their wound. You can say something like “I will give you 5 min to talk about your wound but after this we need to move on and talk about other things” or else it can becomes a monologue rather than a dialogue that depletes you energy.

-Unless you can experience or understand forgiveness you will never get “yourself” or your spirit back from the missions and places you have sent it on in which your finding yourself draining your energy because of perceptions of wrongs done to you. Holding onto negatives energy impacts your immune, your nervous system and can set you up for illness when it becomes chronic.

-When you begin the healing process it requires several things. Paying attention to your wounds, going into forgiveness, but it also requires a sense of personal honor and integrity.   Do not turn your back on you honor and integrity (the promises you make to yourself). Do not negotiate your honor as it will affects your immune and nervous system in a negative way.

- You need to release accumulated suffering that you have gathered in your life. The dash mark (-) between the date of birth and death on a tombstone is our drama. That is how insignificant it is. Ask God “I am willing please help me”, just say it even if you don’t believe it.  Literally books will start falling at your feet and people will come into your life to help. Ask God to cut the cord that binds you to deep painful obsessions and fears that tie you to unwise thinking and behaviors.

-Be grateful for what you have, celebrate your life by leaving a sad yesterday behind and believe in God.

Prayer by Cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz;

Hosted by Caylah E. McCoy, RN American and Canadian Board certified.,


PQ seperatists go down in Flames Pauline Marois quits politics and becomes the first person to loose her job over the Quebec Charter of Values.

April 8th 2014 Caylah E. McCoy: Quebec Liberals win majority government within 1 hour of polls closing April 7th as voters reject PQ. “Un gouvernement libéral majoritaire au Quebec en dedans d’une heure Chef du PQ Pauline Marois demissionne en 2014″.

Congratulations to all the candidates and a special congratulations to Dr. Philippe Couillard from Radio Shalom’s Health Perspectives.

The PQ appears to have lost its way or “driven off a cliff” according to James Mannie of the Montreal Gazette. You cannot kill an idea like separation, but it has been beat up tonight. They will have to do some soul searching to find out what happened in order to re-built confidence in the party. The people are no longer interested in language, the Charter and sovereignty.

The PQ went down in flames and leader Pauline Marois announces she quits politics during her speech which she did not finish.

Who will be the new leader of the PQ? will it be Jean Francois Lisee, Bernard Drainville or Pierre Karl Peladeau?

Leader of the CAQ Francois Legault in his speech advised it was a good fight. He advised his party succeeded in having their ideas heard.

Most people would agree we need to recover from a Godless leader bullying in nature promoting bigotry and divison amongst people for her own self interest. “Creating division amongst people makes them easier to manipulate. Marois and her policies were like a tornado in people’s lives” say a Cote St Luc woman. A leader without anyone following is just taking a walk.

Philippe Couillard advises it is time for Quebequers to begin a healing process.

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Monday March 31st 2014 on Health Perspectives; “If you are tired of starting OVER your training routine, STOP Giving Up” with personal fitness trainer Dorit Hood

Monday March 31st 2014 on Health Perspectives; “If you are tired of starting OVER your training routine, STOP Giving Up” with personal fitness trainer Dorit Hood

Host: Caylah E. McCoy Medical Web Design Specialty Pharmacy Ontario and former RN

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Guest Dorit Hood personal fitness instructor and nutritionist;

Dorit Hood



Monday March 31st, 2014 on Health Perspectives; McGill University students want to enforce sexual assault policy. “Maybe McGill needs to re define sexual harassment policies for both sexes to prevent sexual assault”. Tune in!

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Hosted by Caylah E. McCoy, RN American and Canadian Board certified.

March 24th – 28th Sexual Assault Awareness Week at McGill! Workshops, zine distribution and an art show at the RATS9 art gallery will all be taking place. Hope to see you there! Click here to see what will be going on


The Sexual Assault Centre of the McGill Students’ Society (SACOMSS) is a volunteer-run organization committed to supporting survivors of sexual assault and their allies through direct support, advocacy, and outreach.

Our services include Drop-In and Line (DIAL), Support Groups, Advocacy, and Outreach. Additionally, we offer sexual assault sensitivity training to McGill and Montreal groups, provide information and referrals, and organize events to raise awareness about sexual assault.

For updates on our events, volunteer opportunities / trainings, community news of interest, and more:

Subscribe to our LISTSERV:
E-mail LISTSERV@LISTS.MCGILL.CA with no subject line and the following text command: subscribe SACOMSS-SUPPORTERS

Support Line and Drop In Hours

Monday March 24th: 12:00pm – 9:00pm

Tuesday March 25th: 12:00pm – 4:30pm; 12:00pm – 9:00pm

Wednesday March 26th: 12:00pm – 9:00pm

Thursday March 20th: 12:00pm – 12:00am

Thursday March 27th: 12:00pm – 6:00pm

Friday March 28th: 12:00pm – 4:30pm

Drop-ins are only for shifts scheduled between 2:30pm and 6pm.


  • 6/01/14: Regular hours for DIAL will recommence starting January 6th.
  • 6/11/13: TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual Assault
    SACOMSS has issued an official statement regarding the sexual assault case involving members of the McGill football team. Click here to read it.
  • 9/3/13: It’s fall training season and three of our branches are recruiting! Come visit us at activities night or reach us via email for more information.
    For general questions email:
  • 9/3/13: Regular hours will begin once again for the school year.
  • 1/16/13: Interested in volunteering with Support Groups? Visit their page and contact them directly for information on Winter 2013 interviews and training.

March 21st SACOMSS and a number of other groups on campus have been working very hard on a proposal for a sexual assault policy at McGill. Here’s where to view the full proposal and open letter to the admin.

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Monday March 24th, 2014 on Health Perspectives; Don’t wait until you get sick, cultivate health because its not enough to just fight a disease. “Find out how you can alter your nervous and strengthen your immune systems”. Tune in!

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Guest: Teaching from a Course In Miracles and Marianne Williamson  author of many books including Return to Love  and Everyday Grace


Easy clues to a healthier mind and body:

1) Most people not dream going out into the day without taking a shower or bath to remove the dirt from yesterday. When we wake up in the morning with negativity of yesterday and directly go to the news on TV or newspapers and news and add caffeine to this and immediately subjected and lowered to the though forms of the world and are there is no wonder they are tired and depressed by noon . The morning is the best time  because the mind has processed the events of yesterday yet we wake up taken them back when we wake up because we don’t know how to wash them off.  People say I “don’t have tome to meditate in the morning” but the dichotomy of this is when you set aside10 min or more of prayer and meditation you have more time because you are more focused and wiser with your time..  Its the turtle that won the race not the rabbit.

2) Holding onto resentment or wanting revenge poisons  body and mind  makes the body acidic.  In other words your bones, your tissues and your organs including your mind is swimming in a pool acid and set you up for illness sometimes mental illness. Its like drinking poison hoping the other person you resent dies. The key is letting go of the anger for yourself. Einstein says you do not have to like your enemies, but let they go by forgiving them.

3) If you don’t forgive you end up becoming like the person who you perceive as harming you which are emotionanlly retarded and spiritually constipated thus hurting others and it  cuts you off from the light of the divine.  How many people had to see therapy because the got to know you?

4) Your perception are real or imagined. If someone hurts you out of their own fears  it did not happen according to the course in Miracles as love is kind, patient, caring and uplifting.

5)  There is nothing like success and growth of your won self in love as a form of revenge on the people trying to bring you down. Just do it.

6) Do what you love. Here is an example a Nun Rocks It On Italy’s ‘The Voice’ Singing Competition And No One Can Believe It: Sister Cristina Scuccia Wows;


It might be Hulk Hogan’s most hurtful blow yet.

When celebrity gossip website TMZ released a sex tape featuring Hogan in 2010, the pro wrestler says he never would have imagined his ‘one true friend’ was behind it.

Hogan says he has forgiven Florida radio personality Bubba The Love Sponge, but wouldn’t say if he has kept in touch with his friend because the matter is before the courts.

‘I can’t hate, brother,’ he told HuffPost Live’s Marc Lamont Hill. ‘That’s not my deal’.

View his testimony:


Host; Caylah E. McCoy, Registered Nurse Canadian and American Board Certified

Health Perspectives wants to welcome our first time Co-Host Cam




Abus financier et materiel d’une mère qui souffre de la démance

Colleen et sa mère Dorothy qui souffre de la démence. Ils étaient en train de prendre un café ensemble et riaient pendant un moment ou Dorothy était lucide. Colleen et son frère Brian, les portes paroles de la famille demandent leurs mère a la Cour Supérieur de Montréal pour gagner les droits du patrimoine de son mari défunt. Ils ont gagné leurs cause en 2012 et encore en 2013.

Montreal, Quebec – Le 16 mars 2014 - Une Montréalaise au nom de Andrea McCoy a faussement déclaré un ancien testament de leur père défunt en 2009 disant de sa sœur Colleen McCoy une des liquidatrices qu’elle était une escorte entre autre sous le nom de Jisca. 

Andrea et son frère Dean qui se servent de different alias anonymes entre autres ”Bruce Mills et Ann Lineau et autres” doit rembourser >$200,000 a leur mère mais ils refusent.

Ils ont aussi refuse de résoudre une grosse guerre familiale a l’amiable avec une notaire. Ils vont tenter, une troisième fois, de détourner le jugement de la cour Supérieur en utilisant l’argent de leur mère, 82 ans, qui souffre de la démance.

Leurs frère Brian, le porte parole de la famille, est aussi du coté de leur merè.

Définition et indicateurs d’une situation d’abus financier ou materiel des personnes agees

Définition :

  • S’approprier ou tenter de s’approprier l’argent, les biens personnels ou toute autre possession de la personne âgée
  • Facturer des services non requis, inclus ou non rendus
  • Détourner les fonds de la personne âgée
  • Faire un usage abusif de l’argent ou de la propriété de la personne âgée

Marie Ève Dumont Journaliste du Journal de Montréal, Le Journal de Québec, Le Jacques Cartier n’a pas voulu répondre.






March 17th, 2014 on Health Perspectives; Dr. Yves Bolduc “Quebec Liberal Party discuss their political health platform”. Talk about surprises……tune in!

Health Perspectives every Monday from 2:29 to 3:31 PM on 1650 am or live stream at

Dr. Yves Bolduc of the Quebec Liberal Party

  • Member for Jean-Talon
  • Quebec Liberal Party
  • Official Opposition critic for health
  • Are the tides turning between the Liberals and the PQ?  Has Dr. Philip Couillard helped to restore hope, prosperity, “joie de vivre” and Mojo in Quebec? “On s’occupe des varies affaires” means “we take care of what really matters”.

Federal leaders have been shy about commenting on the current Quebec election campaign.

For our snowbirds and others away from Quebec we have dvance  polling days for this election are March 30 and 31 and in addition, there will be five extra days where voters can cast their votes at the office of the returning officer, on March 28, 29 and April 1, 2 and 3.

Voters affected are those who’ve temporarily left Quebec for two years or less and who intend to return this includes our snowbirds.

The registration form can be downloaded from the web site of the Director General of Elections here. The deadline for sending in a completed form is March 19 at midnight.

First time, voters can also register online, scan their ID and authenticate their signature.

You can call 1-888-353-2846 for further information

24 year old confronts Pauline Marois

The PQ, Pauline Marois, has yet to respond to our invitation to the show.


Host: Caylah E. McCoy, or